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Our story starts with co-founder Josh back in 2002 when he gets into the tax preparation industry. Over the next 14 years, he launches his own franchising business and files over 100,000 returns!

Around 2010, Josh (and the tax prep industry) notice an increase in marketing for DIY solutions, yet his customers keep coming back. Finally, in 2017, he polls his customers to understand why they continue to use his services when there are more convenient and affordable options available (or so he thought).

The results… they tried. It turns out that the legacy DIY solutions are scary, time-consuming, start as free, but five upgrades later, it’s far from free (free free free free).

Josh approaches Kristy (who has experience building software products) with an idea to build a solution that is fast, easy-to-use, and more affordable than a tax preparer.

In 2018, IOOGO Tax is born and launched in 2019. It’s a hit! Most of our taxpayer customers can file their taxes in 10 minutes or less!

In 2019, we also found an opportunity with our small business customers. Tax time was difficult, time-consuming and expensive due to the lack of bookkeeping. We dug in and found that there were no great solutions for a lot of small businesses that have simple financial transactions. The idea for IOOGO Books was born and launched in August 2019.


About Us

Josh Alballero

Chief Executive Officer
About Us

Kristy Alballero

Chief Operating Officer
About Us

Val Osipenko

Chief Technology Officer

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