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Finding the right solutions for your business is always difficult, especially if just starting. The ioogo blog is the best resource for learning from people that have been there and want to help. Find detailed information about tax filing, tax preparation, and business resources.

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Blog 2110

The Challenge of Decision-Making with your Accounting Information

Dear reader, this week, let’s talk about the importance of you & those making decisions at your business completely understanding the Accounting system. A composite challenge Sadly, not all the schools in our system (public & private) teach the pupils enough about Accounting, Management, or Taxes for them to build a successful business!  Even at

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16oct Blog

Prevent invoice/sales frauds!

Dear reader, with so many daily transactions and automated invoices, you and your company may be subject to hacking or fraud! For example, Stripe & PayPal report that up to 2.7% & 1.9% of their respective transactions are fraud attempts. What can you do to prevent this? How can you proceed if you detect any

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Oct13 Accounting Blog Eng

Top Tax Deductions for Your Small Business

Every penny counts in the life of a small business, so founders should take advantage of every opportunity if they want their business to grow. Tax deductions are one of the best ways to use your hard-earned income for development instead of paying taxes. In this article, we will present you with a small business

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Tax Data Security Recommendations for Business Owners

Dear Reader, every day, your data security and privacy are becoming more important. Identity theft has many vectors. One of them could be your Tax Data, which includes personal information as: Name, name of your relatives (spouse, children, other dependents) Home/business address, phone numbers, & emails Behavioral data: sales, shopping habits, charities backed by you,

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Blog 0610

Which Information Should My Business Website Contain?

Nowadays, everybody needs a virtual presence to sell. While social media presence like Facebook or Instagram is important, your website is the standard for everybody to know about your business. You can fully control what, how, and when content is published. But, what should your website contain? Let’s list the basics of the website content. 

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30 September

National Small Business Week 2021 Highlights

Dear reader and small business owner, we’ve compiled a resume of IRS messages during the National Small Business Week 2021! Child tax credit Business Owner, share with your employee the information about the child tax credit, you have direct access to who may receive this. Information is available here.  Understanding your Tax responsibilities This IRS

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Blogsept29 Accounting Blog Eng

Tax Planning Strategies: Tips, Steps, Resources

Especially for established startups, it is important that founders pay attention to tax issues. Every penny counts for these companies, so a well-thought-out tax strategy and proper accounting can minimize the amount you have to pay to the government. However, if not done properly, a significant portion of your hard-earned income can be lost instead

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Blog 13

How to Build a Sustainable Team Through Great Leadership

A company’s most important resource is not its cash, its investments, or even its patents, but its human resources. And good HR management starts with building the right team – but finding the right people is just the beginning, you have to keep them. Read on to learn more about how to build a sustainable

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Newsletter 16

Deadline for Q3 Estimated Tax payments

Dear taxpayer, winter is coming! Well, more like autumn, & also the deadlines for: Federal Tax returns on October 15 Employer Q3 tax return on October 31 Q3 estimated tax payments due date was on September 15 Should you pay Quarterly estimated taxes?  You may, if: You’re self-employed Your taxes are not withheld from your

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Accounting Blog 14 09

Fundamental Accounting Principles for Startups

Startup founders typically focus on thousands of things, with sales, product or service development, marketing, HR tasks, and finding potential investors taking up most of their attention. If you are planning to start a business, be aware that while the above tasks may seem more important, accounting also requires a lot of attention and discipline.

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Septiembre Blog 26

September: National Preparedness Month

With past week hurricanes hitting Louisiana and the increasing number of high-impact natural disasters, having Emergency plans is more important than ever! Also, with the aid of technology, it’s easier than ever! RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT: LOUISIANA Victims of Hurricane Ida Tax Relief is available now! Check Disaster Assistance and FEMA to apply! Dates are extended up

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Blogv2 31

Beginner’s Guide to Marketing B2B

One of the biggest challenges for most freshly founded businesses is how to reach their target audience. Who is your target audience anyway? What are the right channels and tools? The vast range of digital marketing tools makes it necessary to have a well-prepared strategy to use the available budget wisely and effectively. In this

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Blog September 15

The Hidden Value of the Home Office

With vaccination over 60% [Mayo clinic link, per state] in most states of the US, many Business Owners are considering whether to go back to normal operations or keep home office practices. More than a half of US employees answered they would prefer to work from home, even taking a 5% hit on their wages.

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Ioogo Blog 3108 11

The Big Role of Education in an Entrepreneur’s Decision-making

Because of their unique role, founders have a direct and indirect impact on a company’s operation, culture, efficiency, and communication. Most founders have a technical background and have several years of experience in their field, often complementing each other’s skill set. However, especially when it comes to solo founders, entrepreneurs need to learn missing skills

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Newsletter 2608

Employee Retention Credits Modifications

Employer, take a look at the new guidance for the Employee Retention Credit to see if you can save! IRS and Treasury Department have issued guidance on the Employee Retention Credit, including employers paying qualified wages between June 30, 2021, & January 1st, 2022. Guides: Notice 2021–49 PDF [link] — Changes have been made in the American

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Blog Ioogo

5 Tips to Build a Solid Financial Strategy for your Startup

One of the most important requirements for any business is an effective financial plan. The secret to any business is the ability to create and grow revenue streams while minimizing the costs necessary to operate. A solid Financial Strategy identifies and explores all the ways your business can generate revenue and takes into account all

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Should You Be Making 2021 Estimated Tax Payments?

If you are a small business owner or self-employed, and you are not making quarterly estimated payments for 2021, take some time now to look at your situation to see if you should. Doing so now can help you avoid an unexpected tax bill and penalties when you file for your 2021 taxes.   Here

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Medida Blog 37

5 Reasons to Turn Your Business Into an LLC

There are various forms to incorporate your business, from a sole proprietorship to partnerships and corporations, and one of the most popular forms is the Limited Liability Company, also known as an LLC. While this form of organization is often chosen to protect one’s assets and separate them from the business, LLCs can offer so

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Ioogo Accounting Agosto 26

Continued Expansion of Remote Working and Videoconferencing

According to technology experts, the pandemic COVID-19 did not bring anything new under the sun, but rather accelerated the processes already in place. One element of forced change was the widespread acceptance of remote work. Why was this forced? How have small businesses dealt with this challenge? These are the questions we seek to answer

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Blog Cover 16

Do You Need To Update Your EIN?

When you are running a small business, things can move and change very quickly. Some things you can change without any effect on your Employer Identification Number (EIN), but some things require an update. Not sure if you need to update your EIN? Here are some tips to help you out:   Change in contact

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Blog Accounting 28 Jul

Business Success Through Crowdfunding

Nowadays, it is much easier to gain financial support for an idea than ever before. If you have an invention you believe in and the only thing you need is money to develop it before you can put it on the market, crowdfunding could be your best option. How does crowdfunding work? Is it possible

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Blog Accounting 21 Jul

The Importance of Strategy in Business Growth

In the first financial year, founders usually have fewer world-shaping plans: to keep it going, get rid of the debts as quickly as possible, and keep the business alive. Once the revenue streams have been established, owners can start working on growing the company: either by opening another branch, expanding to new markets, or broadening

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