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Introducing FundSpark. The ultimate fundraising solution for early stage startups looking to raise capital.


The support you need to empower your startup

The guidance you need.

For early-stage startups that have a validated business idea, initial traction, or a minimum viable product (MVP) and are seeking seed or Series A funding.

Your Startup, your choice. Get the package you need!

Foundation Package

$ 2,499
One Time
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Data Room Financials
  • Financial Projections

Industry Expert Package

$ 6,299
One Time
  • Everything In Tier 1
  • Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Pitch Deck Content
  • Investor Call Preparation
  • Financial Due Diligence Support

Investor Success Package

$ 11,299
One Time
  • Everything In Tier 2
  • Fundraising Strategy Optimization
  • Curated Investor Introductions
  • Post-Funding Support (6 Months)

Need more support?
Check out our add-on options!

Term Sheet Negotiation

Our experienced team can help you navigate the term sheet negotiation process, ensuring that you secure favorable terms and conditions for your startup.
Starting at

Market Research & Analysis

We offer in-depth market research and analysis services to help you better understand your target audience, competitors, and industry trends, strengthening your business strategy and investor appeal.
Starting at

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Our team of branding and marketing experts can help you develop a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy to enhance your startup's visibility and appeal to potential investors.
Starting at

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

We can assist you in identifying and attracting top talent for key roles within your startup, ensuring you have the right people in place to drive growth and success.
Starting at

Board Formation & Governance

We can advise on best practices for board formation, structure, and governance, as well as help you identify and recruit suitable board members.
Starting at

Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Our network of experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals can provide personalized coaching and mentorship to help you navigate the challenges of running a startup and developing your leadership skills.
Starting at

Post-Funding Financial Planning & Management

Our financial experts can provide ongoing financial planning and management support, including budgeting, cash flow management, and financial reporting, to ensure your startup remains on track for success.
Starting at

Don't need a full package? We've got you covered.

Pick what you want, when you want, and roll with it. It’s the a la carte way!

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Pitch Deck Content


Financial Projections​


Data Room Financials​


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