National Small Business Week 2021 Highlights

Dear reader and small business owner, we’ve compiled a resume of IRS messages during the National Small Business Week 2021!

Child Tax Credit

Business Owner, share with your employee the information about the child tax credit, you have direct access to who may receive this. Information is available here.

Understanding your Tax responsibilities

This IRS resume is perfect to understand all your SB tax responsibilities, whether you’re a sole proprietor or an incorporated company, a checklist of duties is always useful to avoid penalties and audits!

Save money with home office deductions

Not only does the home office save you commuting time, but it can also save your money! Check this link to get a good idea of how to apply the deductions, if you have any doubts, write to us at, we’ll guide you gladly!.

Grow your team

Tax credit incentives to hire workers will continue until the end of 2025! Boost your team with the much-needed help without thinking twice about a heavy payload.

Save money & share the best Accounting service

IOOGO Team is so happy to see the resiliency and recovery of the Small Businesses!

To back that recovery, we invite you to share with Entrepreneurs and fellow Business Owners our Accounting services through our referral program. You can earn 1 free month of service per every successful referral! If you want to know more, please check our program’s page!

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