September: National Preparedness Month

With past week hurricanes hitting Louisiana and the increasing number of high-impact natural disasters, having Emergency plans is more important than ever!

Also, with the aid of technology, it’s easier than ever!

Victims of Hurricane Ida Tax Relief is available now! Check Disaster Assistance and FEMA to apply!
Dates are extended up to January 3, 2022 for:

  • Filing tax returns and complete payments due for the period starting at Aug 26, 2021
  • Individuals with valid extensions to file their 2020 returns, due Oct. 15, 2021
  • Filing quarterly estimated income due on Sept 15, 2021
  • Filing Quarterly payroll & excise taxes due Nov 1, 2021

We hope this information helps you and your friends ease any troubles related to the hurricane.

Keep your documents safe
Some files recommended to digitizing and store securely in the Cloud are:

  • Personal identification documents of each family member;
  • Historic financial and tax documents;
  • Property certificates (Real Estate, motor vehicles, other high-value items);
  • Medical records, including those that can help rescue teams make agile decisions
  • Insurance papers to help you claim reimbursement

Image and PDF formats are the most common and accessible
Some free applications to help you digitalize include:

You can also scan and print paper copies from those archives and keep them secure in waterproof containers.

IRS Helps
Taxpayers in a Federal-declared Natural Disaster zone can visit the webpage Tax Relief in Disaster Situations or Around the Nation and check for available Disaster Tax Relief.

Electronic services and safety
At IOOGO, our Accounting and Tax services help the companies keep their taxes and financial records up to date and safely stored.

This can be a great aid to both: coordinate your disaster tax relief claims with the IRS & to jumpstart your business once the natural disaster has ended.

Further Reading
Keep updating your saved files and your relief plans!
For further information regarding National Preparedness Month, you can click here.

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