Tax Data Security Recommendations for Business Owners

Dear Reader, every day, your data security and privacy are becoming more important.
Identity theft has many vectors. One of them could be your Tax Data, which includes personal information as:

  • Name, name of your relatives (spouse, children, other dependents)
  • Home/business address, phone numbers, & emails
  • Behavioral data: sales, shopping habits, charities backed by you, amount of transactions, etc.

This is more than enough data to triangulate an attack on your identity, so your information must remain safe during your tax filing process.

By now, you’re probably gazing at this article and thinking: what to do in the case of a data breach? Any breach of your personal information could have an impact on your tax accounts and/or the IRS information. You can contact a Cybersecurity expert to better understand the scope of the breach and prevent further problems.

Law Enforcement Actions

  • Contact your local IRS office. Their Criminal investigation department will start a report to investigate your case.
  • You should contact local police and FBI offices as quickly as possible to file a report on the data breach.

IOOGO Safety Measurements

IOOGO in-house Tax preparation software has three crucial data security aspects.

  • Data encryption: all the communications between your computer and our server & between our server and the IRS are encrypted.
  • Uncomplicated interface: we do not request any data aside from that indispensable to file your taxes, reducing information leaking risks. All of your information is hashed to protect it.
  • Our development team never stops, ensuring the active & stable version of every software repository is updated with the latest security patches. As proactive security measurement, we encourage ethical hacking teams to try to break in, so we can catch any potential risk.

Aside from our platform security, we deeply care about you. We invite you to watch IOOGO Sessions Episode 5 CyberSecurity Tips for your Small Business with our special guest Esteban Blanco, from Blanco IT.

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